3D Printer marketing
strategy and services

If you manufacture, distribute or sell 3D printers, you have more competition now than ever. We understand this challenge and can help you get noticed by the right type of audience.

These are the core services we provide to help you market your 3D printer business. Specific deliverables are determined after a discovery session.


There is no success without a strategy. So, first, we need to fully understand who you are, who buys from you, and who doesn't. From there, we will work together to develop an implementation plan to identify opportunities.


We don't assume what your audience wants to hear. Instead, our 15 years of experience speaking with 3D printer prospects, buyers & operators has given us a priceless level of clarity that we pass along to you. We create targeted & compelling content that is distributed across multiple forms of media to reach your ideal audience. Our goal is to turn people into fans of your business which leads to revenue.


Even the best marketing strategy isn't effective if you can't directly tie it to results. So we help you track the increase in brand attention, accelerated leads & the ultimate goal of increased sales so we all know what is working and what's not. We only win when you win, so we're in this together. If we can't tie our efforts to results, we are nothing more than an expense to your organization. We won't settle for that.

key components for building a
successful 3D printer marketing strategy

3D Printer Marketing Strategy for Finding the Right Type of Prospects

Ideal Prospects

A target market used to be specific enough but not anymore. In the 3D printing industry, there is a market for everything from a $200 3D printer on Amazon to a $2 million 3D printer. It’s more important than ever to know who wants to buy what you sell. If you don’t, you risk wasting time and money chasing people who will never buy from you.


The definition of branding has evolved rapidly as the world of business changes. Marty Neumeier sums it up perfectly when he says, “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

What does your audience say your brand is all about?

You can hear more of his unique take on what branding is in this short video.

Content is King When it Comes to Selling 3D printers


The best way to connect with your ideal prospect is through compelling content. Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Good creative content is something that forces people to take action or create word of mouth”.

With the right strategy and branding structure in place, your content will speak directly to your ideal prospects and generate action.

3DP Agency helps you market
your 3D Printing business

Let's get to know each other's companies to see if working together makes sense. You can reach us by phone at 775-515-2122 or email info@3dpAgency.com.

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