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Always assume you get only one chance to capture the attention of your ideal audience. How you create and present that information is critical. We help you do it right.

Option 1


The Risk of Missing the Mark

Asking someone who isn't a writer to create content can be like pulling teeth. How many times have you sat in front of a blank screen for hours without typing anything useful?

Does your audience understand?

Engineers speak in a technical language. Salespeople speak in a sales language. Marketers speak in a marketing language. What language does your audience understand?

Lost Time & Lost productivity

All the time spent trying to create content could be much better spent on each employee's job function. Taking them away from those functions is costly.

One chance to connect

You get one chance to connect with your ideal audience. One opportunity to make them want to connect. Are you making the most of that opportunity?

Option 2

Hire a Writer

Finding a Writer

It takes time to find and vet a contract writer for your business. What happens if they don't end up working out?

Educating the Writer

A writer without 3D printing experience will require training. How can someone inspire your audience if they don't know the subject?

Edits & revisions

The lack of knowledge almost guarantees you'll be spending time requesting revisions and edits. Do you have time for this?

Lack of Clarity

Everything needs to come together to provide clarity to the reader. Without internal clarity, how can the reader understand your message?

Option 3

3DP Agency

We KNow 3D

We know, understand, and love 3D printing. We speak the language and know how to articulate the point you're trying to make in a way that connects with your ideal audience.


We ask the right questions to the right people and go to work for you. We write, proofread, edit the first draft, and review it with your team. We do the heavy lifting for you.


Once the content is finalized and approved, we help you publish it and share it with our audience to expand its reach. We also help you identify other ways to share your content.


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