Our Marketing Projects and Results

Below you’ll see some examples of the work we’ve done. The 3DP Agency advantage is being able to craft messages and create designs that appeal to people who are interested in your products because we know them well.

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Content Creation

Customer Stories

Articulating your customer’s success story is a big part of your own success in the 3D printing industry. When Nota3D came to 3DP Agency to capture such a story, we were able to answer that call.

Before reaching out to the customer directly, 3DP Agency interviewed the Nota3D Account Manager to gather the pertinent information for this customer i.e., company background and critical business issues before purchase.

When our scheduled 15 minute call with the customer turned into over an hour long conversation, the owner was obviously surprised at our knowledge of 3D printing and was appreciative of it.

After the call, a well-received summary was delivered to Nota3D, outlining the valuable details we were able to uncover. 

Once this success story was shared, it showcased Nota3D as a valuable resource – and as an added bonus, cross-promoted the featured customer.

Blog Posts

To effectively sell in today’s competitive 3D printer market, you have to build an audience who sees you as an authority in the industry. By producing compelling content that people want to read, you improve your odds of that customer taking action on your site. To achieve this, your content must be crafted and delivered with the ideal prospect in mind.

In the case of Minnesota’s manufacturing industry, we uncovered a major workforce gap. After researching some key statistics to back up the facts, we were able to confirm that there is a problem.

Once the problem was identified, we crafted a message explaining  how other companies have incorporated more 3D printing into their workflow to help with similar issues in other regions.

The goal of this post was to connect with Minnesota manufacturing companies who are feeling this shortage, and start a campaign to get in front of people with similar stories.

Design and Web Development

Customer Messaging

Your brand is critical in this ever-changing business environment. When Nota3D asked us to modernize their customer-facing documents, we immediately got to work. 

With every 3D printer sale, they sent an email welcoming the new customer to the Nota3D family. It was generic and lacked that personal touch that they’re known for with their customers. 

To give this brand a facelift, we decided to include the names and faces of the team members who would be serving that customer. In a digital world where face-to-face interaction isn’t always an option, this provided a deeper connection between Nota3D and their customers.

Today, this document is emailed to every new customer, followed by a physical copy in the mail. By providing that second touch, the customer can keep it near the system for a quick reference of who to contact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When working with a new client, one of the first exercises we do is a Website Intelligence Review (WIR). This is a deep dive into the client’s website as well as all relevant competitors. The WIR gives us a great starting point to see what changes are necessary to establish our new client as the preferred solution provider.

Just having a nice website won’t cut it. Every word, section, image, and page has to serve a clear purpose.

While ranking high on the search engines is important, providing relevant information to ideal clients is the main goal. It has to be easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to consume to be successful.

By making a few simple changes, we saw an 86% increase in organic search traffic on Nota3D’s website in less than 2 months.

Web Development

When building our website, we took full control of the creative and strategic process. The site had to be aesthetically pleasing while providing the user with just enough information to introduce ourselves to them. The goal of any website should be conversions.

Our first priority was to provide the user with insight into who we are and what we do to quickly align with their needs. Once accomplished, we wanted to make it easy for that person to reach us by way of a live web chat system, monitored 24/7.

*A series of videos are currently in production and will be included on the website in the near future.

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