Stress free webinar services

Our team is here to research topics, gather content, schedule and produce your webinars with you. We even provide graphic elements such as invite cards, video thumbnails & Keynote/Powerpoint slides.

Strategic Planning

We research topics and keywords to ensure your content has an impact on the right audience.

Compiled Content

We find images, video clips, cited sources, and compelling content to keep people's attention.


We schedule and host your webinar for you and provide you with the recording of the full event


We provide you with complete and detailed analytics to give you the tools you need to capture leads.

Keep your team focused on their tasks

Webinars tend to require a huge investment of time across several departments. Most companies lean on technical and sales resources to build and host these events taking them away from their typical tasks.

Our experience in the 3D printing industry allows us to take on the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on you what you do best.


$ 200
  • Strategy Session
  • Topic & Content Research
  • Scheduling and Hosting of Webinar


$ 300
  • Content Research
  • Slide Creation
  • Cited Sources
  • Graphic Elements
  • Pre-recorded Sessions
  • 45 Minute Limit


$ 500
  • Content Research
  • Slide Creation
  • Cited Sources
  • Graphic Elements
  • Pre-recorded Sessions
  • 1 Hour Limit
  • Recorded Session Edited for YouTube

Examples of Our Work

Recorded & Edited for YouTube

Our client, Nota3D, wanted to host professional webinars but had trouble executing them. Their team was focused on other revenue generating and customer support tasks which left little time to plan, prepare and host webinars.

They came to us for help and within 1 month, we were able to put together a format along with very compelling content for their first webinar which was a big success.

They had over 70 registrations with over 40 people who actually attended. People were very engaged in the session and only 3 people left before the end which speaks to the power of a well executed webinar.

A week after our first webinar, Nota3D heard from a long-time prospect who watched the webinar, shared it with Management and decided it was time to schedule a demo. Shortly after, they purchased a printer! Webinars work!

Webinar Announcement

Recorded & Edited for YouTube

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