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From Prints to Profits

Whether you’re a design virtuoso ready to sell your creations to the world or a 3D printing mastermind offering print-on-demand services, gear up for a journey that’s all about transforming your passion into a paycheck. Get ready to ignite your creativity, fire up those printers, and join us on an exhilarating adventure that turns your 3D printing dreams into a blockbuster success story! 🚀🎨🛠️

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If You Print It, They Will Come

Let’s face it – running a 3D printing service bureau, whether steering a single printer or orchestrating a fleet, comes with its own hurdles. But fear not because, at 3DP Agency, we’re not just about flashy campaigns – we’re in the business of keeping it real. We know that the path to success isn’t always smooth. Customer acquisition puzzles, marketing glitches, or the constant challenge of retention – we’ve seen it all. And we’re here to navigate those intricate paths with you. Our mission? To illuminate your expertise despite these challenges.


Become a VAR Superstar

Hello, 3D Printing VARs! You’re truly special to us. Zack, the founder of 3DP Agency, has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with VARs of all types and sizes for nearly two decades. We’ve seen the industry shift from when 3D printing alone could blow minds to an era where it’s a household term. Today, that initial “wow” isn’t handed out freely to VARs – instead, it’s earned when you deliver a tailored solution that directly transforms a prospect’s business or even their life. We’re here to guide you through this evolution, armed with strategies and insights that define success in this new terrain.


Ideal Solutions for Ideal Audience

OEMs, we share a unique bond. Our founder, Zack, dedicated the initial 14 years of his 3D printing journey to Stratasys and their leading VAR, GoEngineer. We understand that your path isn’t always smooth, especially in today’s bustling market. Contenders and pretenders echo the same tune to the same audience everywhere you look. The true champions in the 3D printing OEM world are those who don’t strive to be the “best,” “cheapest,” or “fastest.” Instead, they pinpoint specific problems their solutions can solve for specific people. Through our industry insights, strategic content creation, and partner-focused materials, we’re here to help you confidently rise to the top.

Built From Nearly Two Decades of 3D Printing Industry Experience

Welcome to 3DP Agency, here we specialize in connecting 3D printing companies with their ideal audiences. Established in 2020 by Zack Richter, a veteran with nearly two decades in the 3D printing industry, our agency is deeply rooted in the sector’s unique dynamics. Zack’s extensive journey, ranging from the intricacies of 3D printer manufacturing and sales to the dynamics of resellers and distributors, and finally to hands-on interactions with end-users, has endowed us with unparalleled insights.

At 3DP Agency, our mission goes beyond mere communication; it’s about forging meaningful connections. We tailor our content creation and web development solutions to echo your distinct essence, aiming to elevate your business to new heights. Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned player in the field, trust us to amplify your presence and bring your vision to life in the digital world.

Client Success: The 3DP Agency Impact

“3DP Agency’s creative genius transformed our marketing approach…” – Eugene Giller, CEO, Palitra 3D.

“Their strategic vision was pivotal during our growth phase…” – Jason Jarosch, Founder & CEO, Nota3D.

“Zack’s collaborative prowess and marketing acumen are unmatched…” – Brad Hansen, Founder & CEO, Hansen Management Consulting.

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Choosing a marketing partner who doesn’t really get 3D printing? That’s like slapping stock photos all over a specialized website. Sure, it covers your bases, but it misses that genuine, spot-on connection that comes from a partner who truly knows the ins and outs of your field.

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