We help 3D printing companies introduce themselves to their ideal audience.

3DP Agency is the first creative marketing, media and consulting firm 100% dedicated to the 3D printing industry.

What We Do

3DP Agency takes a creative but proven approach to establish an audience for you. We provide the tools you need to stand out in the industry while freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

For over 15 years, we’ve worked with top-performing 3D printer manufacturers and resellers. The privilege to work with these companies during their success gave us insight into one common theme they all share; a deep understanding of their ideal audience and a structured plan to provide that audience with the information they need.

Clearly identify who buys from you and who doesn't to build an ideal prospect profile. That lays the groundwork for every future marketing activity.

The most direct path to success is building an audience of people who want what you sell and sharing relevant information with them.

3D Printing Industry

In a world where objects are made by traditional manufacturing methods, one daring inventor has a crazy idea: what if we could create objects by building them layer by layer, using a machine that can print in three dimensions?

Enter 3D printing, the technology that allows us to create solid objects from digital designs. With a 3D printer, you can turn your wildest ideas into reality, one layer at a time.

But wait, there’s more! Not only can you create any shape you can imagine, but you can also use a wide range of materials, from plastic and metal, to chocolate and even living tissue.

And the best part? No assembly required! With 3D printing, you can create complex objects with moving parts, all in one piece.

But beware, dear viewer: not all 3D printers are created equal. Some are slow, some are finicky, and some are downright temperamental. But with the right machine, and a little bit of know-how, you too can join the ranks of the 3D printing elite.

So come on, take the plunge into the world of 3D printing. Your future self will thank you.

Our Strengths

Industry Experience

Our experience in the 3D printing industry is what sets us apart from other marketing agencies. While others may produce high-quality work, they typically lack the deep understanding and familiarity with the 3D printing industry that 3DP Agency provides.​​

Sales Background

Our experience isn't limited to the time spent behind a desk. We have held both inside & outside sales roles in the industry, so we're familiar with the live demo and sales process. We aren't assuming what your customer interactions are like in the field.

Full Support

We work with some of the best people in their fields to provide top-notch services to our partners. Beyond that, we have an extensive network of specialists who can assist with more individual tasks, so you're fully covered with 3DP Agency.​

Investment vs. Expense

We want to see you recoup every penny of our partnership as early as possible in the agreement. We want to be a profit generator for your business vs. an expense. That's how we all win!

Total Transparency

We love the 3D Printing industry! Because of this, the last thing we want is to do anything that could have a negative impact. This industry is big yet small at the same time, so reputation is everything. Our genuine interest is to help you succeed so we can celebrate that success together.

Large Network

Our experience has connected us with thousands of people in the industry who represent several companies. We are always looking for successes and failures throughout our network to apply what we learn as we go.

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