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In the crowded 3D printing landscape, it’s like everyone’s singing the same tune. Whether it’s a budget-friendly printer on Amazon or a high-end industrial machine, the claims sound eerily similar. It’s a new era, and the old strategies aren’t cutting it. Fortunately, we’ve been in the game, witnessing both ends of the spectrum. We specialize in uncovering real differentiators, strategic positioning, and targeted audience segmentation. Let’s break the monotony and redefine your 3D printing narrative.

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We help your audience gain a clear and comprehensive understanding who you are.


We help you build meaningful connections with your target audience.


We help you create a strong and consistent brand identity separating you from the crowd.


We help turn customers into fans who stick around and follow you.


Elevate your company with free resources—informative articles, practical guides—all designed for navigating the 3D printing business.

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Seeking a 3D printing ally well-versed in technology, applications, and end-users? Let’s unite! Put our experience to work so you can focus on tasks while we handle the heavy lifting.

Built From Nearly Two Decades of 3D Printing Industry Experience​

Welcome to 3DP Agency, where we bridge the gap between 3D printing companies and their ideal audiences. Founded in 2020 by Zack Richter, with nearly two decades of hands-on experience in the 3D printing world, we understand the nature of the business from the top down. Zack’s journey has taken him through the nitty-gritty of 3D printer manufacturing and sales, to the hustle of resellers and distributors, all the way to working directly with the end-users. This has equipped us with unmatched insights that we put to work for you.

Here at 3DP Agency, we’re not just about getting your message out there; we’re about making connections. Our marketing strategies and campaigns are custom-made to fit your unique vibe, aiming to boost your business up a notch (or several). Whether you’re just sprouting your startup or navigating an established ship, count on us to crank up your voice and vision to the next level.

Client Success: The 3DP Agency Impact

“3DP Agency’s creative genius transformed our marketing approach…” – Eugene Giller, CEO, Palitra 3D.

“Their strategic vision was pivotal during our growth phase…” – Jason Jarosch, Founder & CEO, Nota3D.

“Zack’s collaborative prowess and marketing acumen are unmatched…” – Brad Hansen, Founder & CEO, Hansen Management Consulting.

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