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At 3DP Agency, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that 3D printing service providers face. Our mission is to empower you to excel in this dynamic industry.

We offer tailored solutions to free up your resources, allowing your team to focus on high-priority projects and customer satisfaction.

With our experience-based guidance and strategic planning, we help you navigate the complex terrain of the 3D printing market. Moreover, our content creation strategies are designed to directly engage with your target audience, ensuring that your services stand out in the competitive landscape.

Partner with 3DP Agency to elevate your 3D printing service bureau and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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We help your audience gain a clear and comprehensive understanding who you are.


We help you build meaningful connections with your target audience.


We help you create a strong and consistent brand identity separating you from the crowd.


We help turn customers into fans who stick around and follow you.

Service Bureau Hub

Explore our free resources to elevate your company. From informative articles to practical guides, these tools are crafted to provide you with essential insights for navigating the 3D printing business landscape. Empower your business and chart a path towards lasting success. Discover the value of these resources without any cost – they’re here to help you thrive.

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Whether you’re just starting your 3D printing venture or you’re an established company looking to lighten your team’s load and rev up your marketing efforts, we’re here for you. We know each business is unique, and we’re excited to adapt our support to your specific needs. Let’s talk about how we can collaborate to make your journey smoother and more successful.

Built from 18 Years of 3D Printing Industry Experience

Welcome to 3DP Agency, where we bridge the gap between 3D printing companies and their ideal audiences. Founded in 2020 by Zack Richter, with nearly two decades of hands-on experience in the 3D printing world, we understand the nature of the business from the top down. Zack’s journey has taken him through the nitty-gritty of 3D printer manufacturing and sales, to the hustle of resellers and distributors, all the way to working directly with the end-users. This has equipped us with unmatched insights that we put to work for you.

Here at 3DP Agency, we’re not just about getting your message out there; we’re about making connections. Our marketing strategies and campaigns are custom-made to fit your unique vibe, aiming to boost your business up a notch (or several). Whether you’re just sprouting your startup or navigating an established ship, count on us to crank up your voice and vision to the next level.

Client Success: The 3DP Agency Impact

“3DP Agency’s creative genius transformed our marketing approach…” – Eugene Giller, CEO, Palitra 3D.

“Their strategic vision was pivotal during our growth phase…” – Jason Jarosch, Founder & CEO, Nota3D.

“Zack’s collaborative prowess and marketing acumen are unmatched…” – Brad Hansen, Founder & CEO, Hansen Management Consulting.

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